What does “AVAH” and “INIQUITY” mean, and who CARES?

Do you ever get confused by Christianese? Christianese is what some people call the words that only Christians seem to use. 

Words like “sin, iniquity, transgression”… they sound like real old-timey weird words. But what do words like that mean in real life? 

Even if we don’t use those words in the way we talk every day, they come from the Bible so it’s important to understand them. Like “iniquity” – it comes from the Hebrew word “avah” that means “crooked” or “bent”.

A curvy road might be an “avah” road, or if an old man can’t stand up straight anymore, his back might be “avah”.

So what does it mean if something you do is “avah”, and why is that wrong? Learn more about “avah” and iniquity from the BibleProject:

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