Campfire Snacks

If you are planning a camping trip or a bonfire you’ll need to bring some snacks. What can you cook over the fire? There are the obvious choices of marshmallows and hot dogs. But what if you want to get a little more creative?  

Here are ten ideas of foods that you can roast over a fire.  I’m sure some of these will be brand new to you!  

We tried the strawberry covered with marshmallow creme and it was super messy but maybe you’ll have a better time with it. 

One thing our family likes to do over the campfire is pizza rolls. You have to defrost them a little bit but they work great on a marshmallow stick of some kind. My kids go crazy over them! Just be careful to let them cool because they get pretty hot right off of the fire.

Do you have any campfire family traditions? We’d love to hear them. It’s GEAR UP FOR CAMPING week on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun. Campfire snacks are the best but don’t forget to bring the wet wipes for all the sticky!

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