How Old Is the Oldest Missions Volunteer?

Have you ever been on a mission trip, or has someone in your family gone on a mission trip? 

Mary is the one wearing the yellow hat.Mary is the one wearing the yellow hat.

Mary Katie Riddle might just be the oldest person to volunteer to go on a trip. After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, she went with her church to help people, and that was right before her 96th birthday! She helped keep track of the food and clean out food storage containers.

She’s volunteered for missions for a long time. She’s been to Brazil, China, Jamaica, Kenya, and a bunch other places, mostly doing Vacation Bible Schools or teaching English as a second language.

She says, “You are never too old if … God is with you. I am happy I could do it. I would encourage anybody to volunteer…. Don't worry about age. Find what you can do. God is good.”

Source: BP News, by Jane Rodgers

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