Game On with Shaving Cream!

On Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun we are talking about Shaving Cream Play all week long! We’d love to see your ideas. Here are a few that we thought would look really fun to try!

Cheeseballs and Shaving Cream Game

All you need is a can of shaving cream, a shower cap (optional) and cheeseballs. Put on the shower cap, spray it with shaving cream and then your partner throws cheeseballs to try and get them to stick. Watch how it’s done!

Rainbow Slide

Or how about making a rainbow shaving cream slide? All you need is a couple drops of washable paint mixed with shaving cream and place it on your slide. Here’s how it could look:

Shaving Cream Baseball

This is a new one for me. Wiffle balls filled with shaving cream can make for a fun twist on the old favorite of baseball.  

And then there is always shaving cream balloon Volleyball or how about Twister with colored shaving cream on each of the circles. Now that is a slippery game!

Enjoy Shaving Cream Play ideas on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun! It’s messy fun in the sun! Game on!

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