Slimy Clean?

It’s about half way through the summer and those outside toys are getting pretty dirty. One too many popsicle drips and beach trips create the ultimate grime on favorite toys.  

But cleaning can be fun with a little shaving cream and a water hose. You can have a blast!

Take some shaving cream and smear it all over your toys. This works for your bike, toy trucks, scooters, picnic tables, sand toys or whatever you have. It feels kind of slimy but that is part of the fun.

When everything is covered in shaving cream all you have to do is spray things off with the water hose. Done. You might even want to do it again and again just for fun!  

Or you could make your very own car wash! Set up three different stations, one for cleaning with shaving cream, one for rinsing and one for drying. Then send all your toy cars through the car wash. Squeaky clean!     

Check out these kids having fun with shaving cream. I’m pretty sure they got more on themselves then on the swing set.

One heads up, don’t use shaving cream with menthol in it as it can sting if it gets in the eyes.  

Keys for Kids Radio’s Summer of Fun continues with SHAVING CREAM PLAY ideas all week long. There’s no reason to be bored! You’ve got this.

And we’d love to see the crazy pictures and creative ways you are playing with shaving cream! Have your parents tag us on social media with @keysforkidsministries!

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