Do THIS “All The Time” for a Great School Year

Bring it to God

Talking to God is called prayer. God loves you and wants to hear from you about it all the things happening in your life.

For some weird reason we all have trouble remembering to pray, but we should always go to God first! After all, the Bible does say we should “pray continually” which is pretty much all the time!

Here are some easy prayer hacks to help get you started:

Prayer Bursts

As you get ready in the morning (or any time of the day) use short activities for “prayer bursts”, like praying when you brush your teeth, before you eat breakfast or make your bed, and even grab some prayer time on the trip to school each day. These quick prayer habits will make a huge difference as you trust God in prayer. 

Prayer Crafts

If you’re artsy-crafty, try making a prayer journal writing letters to God and drawing pictures of your prayers.  You can even make a poster, write them on bathroom mirrors, make a sticky note prayer wall, or fill a jar with prayers.  

Prayer for the World

Many people in our neighborhoods and all over the world don’t know about Jesus. Take a map and mark out sections to help you pray for those who need Jesus. Check out this free version of “Adventures in Prayer Kids Worship Prayer Map” from Every Home for Christ. It’s a pretty cool way to pray through the world. God loves everyone and wants them all to come to Him!

Prayer Maps – Every Home

Prayer is so important because it shows we trust God and give Him all the things in our lives. It’s a daily reminder of how much we rely on God and how good He is to us. Just do it! Print out the Keys for Kids Prayer Card below to help you Crack the Code to a great school year.

On a computer, click to download and print the pdf

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