Try a Meal with an Ant Egg, Snail Egg, or an Octopus Egg!

One of my best memories is going camping with my family. My dad would wake up extra early in the morning to get a fire going, then let it burn down so it’s just hot coals.

Then he’d cook breakfast sandwiches over the coals, scrambled eggs, toasted English muffins, melted sliced cheese and crispy bacon! It’s one of the best meals for camping.

But chicken eggs aren’t the only kind of eggs you can make a meal from! In South Africa people use ostrich eggs, in Sri Lanka they use jackfish eggs, and in Japan they use octopus eggs!

Plus snail eggs, duck eggs, and even ant eggs. What kind of dishes do you think you can make from snails and ants?

Check out the video to find out:

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