This King from the Bible Got Big Sad

Have you been so sad that you had to show it in some way to let out your feelings? I’ve felt that way before, and so did King Josiah, one of the kings of Judah from the Bible.

He became king when he was only eight years old! You might be eight, or even older than eight; can you imagine ruling a whole country right now?

But when Josiah was king, his people were not following God. When one of the priests found the book with God’s law and read it to the king, he got so upset that he ripped his clothes!

He wanted his people to follow God, so he did a couple of key things: He got rid of all the idols in Judah, he rebuilt God’s temple, and he read the book of God’s law to all the people.

You can learn more about Josiah on today’s video from Crossroads Kids’ Club:

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