How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Welcome to Reading Week on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun! Today let's learn how to build a comfy spot to read your Bible and other books. You'll need:

  1. Pillows and cushions.
  2. A lamp.
  3. An end table.
  4. And a book to read!

It's super easy to create your very own special place to read. 

Pile up a whole bunch of your favorite pillows in a corner of the living room. Pick big ones, little ones, your favorite ones, but try to avoid any smelly ones! Three to six pillows should do.

Next, plug in a lamp next to your pile of pillows. It may help to put your lamp on the end table so the light shines down on to your book. If it's a heavy lamp, or you're a bit younger, ask your parents for help moving it.

Now you've got your reading nook set up! Grab a book to read and have fun. If you need something to read (and you like winning prizes like an Amazon Echo Dot or a Kindle Fire), check out the Word With Zach summer reading program!

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Want to take your reading nook to the next level? Watch this video on how to paint shapes and hang up shelves:

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