Make It And Take It

With COVID keeping us home more this Christmas why not spend the time to MAKE IT AND TAKE IT. Do some brainstorming with your family and come up with a good idea of something to make and give away. Maybe some cookies, or ornaments or gift jars, there are so many ideas.  

Once you’ve made your surprise all that’s left is to give it to your friends, neighbors, family or whomever. Porch drop offs are probably the best way to do that right now. You could even sing a carol or two to make it extra special. Fa la la la la….

This year let’s not think about what we can’t do but let’s focus on what we can do and bless those around us and share Christ’s love at the same time. Let’s Make It and Take It!  

Watch this fun video for some ideas….the Lego Star Wars Cake is really cool!

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