Christmas Musicals on the Countdown to Christmas This Week

Only 11 days until Christmas! I hope you've been loving all the Christmas music and musicals and stories on Keys for Kids Radio's Countdown to Christmas. 

Want to see the full schedule of musicals? Download the schedule here.

And here's the musicals on the schedule for this week:


Mayhem in Bethlehem (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Tune in to the Nosy News Network’s coverage as they look into the events surrounding Christ’s birth in Bethlehem.

Straight Outta Bethlehem (8 am and 4 pm EST)

Join a loveable ragamuffin group of characters who will put a smile on your face and a smile in your heart as they unveil the story of Christmas Straight Outta Bethlehem.


The Christmas Express (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Every Christmas Eve the passengers on the Christmas Express make the journey to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to celebrate Christmas.

Mystery in the Manger (8 am and 4 pm EST)

As investigative reporter Jane observes rehearsal for the Christmas Eve pageant she will discover the overwhelming proof about the baby born 2,000 years ago.


Bows of Holly (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Holly launches a toy and food drive for the needy but quickly loses sight on the real reason she's doing it.

Crazy, Busy, Peaceful Night (8 am and 4 pm EST)

Today our Christmas is not usually quiet, calm or silent.  As we read how the story unfolded in the Bible we can see that the first Christmas maybe wasn’t so silent either.


A Rockin' Royal Christmas (11 am and 7 pm EST)

When King Herod sends Sherlock Watson to find out why the kings from the East did not return to him, we discover, along with Sherlock, that Jesus is the “King of Kings.”

A King is Coming to Town (8 am and 4 pm EST)

An anonymously posted sign in the town square sparks great excitement about the visit of a King.


Adventures in Odyssey: Gifts for Madge and Guy (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Mr. Whittaker tells a “fractured” version of a famous Christmas story, starring an unusual couple named Madge and Guy.

Adventures in Odyssey: Peace on Earth (8 am and 4 pm EST)

Finding peace at Christmas is hard this year when Whit finds himself overcommitted and the Barclay’s wake to a surprise.


Adventures in Odyssey: A Time for Christmas (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Whit takes middle-schooler Courtney Vincent on an Imagination Station tour of Christmases past.

Adventures in Odyssey: A Lamb's Tale (8 am and 4 pm EST)

The Odyssey crew is involved in six interwoven stories about Christmas which starts with a toy lamb.


Adventures in Odyssey: A Christmas Conundrum (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Eugene, Tom, Connie and Whit get confused over who’s giving which Christmas present to whom.

Adventures in Odyssey: Silent Night (8 am and 4 pm EST)

At home alone, Whit remembers holidays past that were difficult but still made for treasured family memories.

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