THIS is what you NEED to Crack the Code!


You are going to grow and learn a lot this school year. But what kind of things do you want to learn, or improve on? Have you asked God to help you figure that out?

That’s the best place to start! Here are some kids who all have some pretty good ideas about their goals:

So now you may have some ideas but need to know how to work on your goals! Here’s how in four simple steps.

  1. Dream! Dream about what you’d like to be, what habits you want to start, what new thing you’d like to learn.  
  2. Break it down. At this point you need to break it down into small steps. This will help you know what to do today. Make sure these steps are not too easy or too hard!  
  3. Do it! Start today and take the first step toward your goal. It may take a long time of taking small steps every day to make progress, but don’t give up.  
  4. Keep track. Check in on your progress by recording your progress. A journal, a map, a jar or a chart are some ways to show your progress. 

So let’s do this! Get the most out of your new school year by setting goals. Some big, some small, but all to help make you more like Jesus.

Print out the Keys for Kids Crack the Code “Goal Card” below to help encourage you on. Come back to collect all 5 cards this week!

On a computer, click to download and print the pdf

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