Homework Helps

Do you find it hard to get all of your homework done on time? Got some tips to help you out:

  • Do the important things first – what homework do you have to turn in tomorrow, or what’s the hardest homework to do?
  • Turn your big project into little projects – if you have a big homework assignment due in a few weeks, figure out the little bits and pieces that need to get done in order to finish the whole thing.
  • Make a to do list – write down everything you need to do and cross them off one by one as you finish them. It feels good!
  • Concentrate on what you’re doing – don’t let yourself get distracted by the TV or a game on your tablet or your siblings. Find a quiet room to work if you can.
  • Just get started! The sooner you begin doing your homework, the sooner you’ll get done. It’s easier to keep working on it once you’ve gotten started. 

Got any tips on getting homework done? Call and let me know, 800-819-KIDS!


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