Advent Cards Day 6: Peace and Good Will

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Annistyn stomped into the kitchen when she got home from school and collapsed into a chair so hard it made a scraping noise against the floor.

“Annistyn!” said Mom. “Be careful! You’re going to leave marks!” She sighed as Annistyn’s little sister started crying in the other room. “This house is like a war zone,” she muttered. “Oh, for some peace and quiet!”

Annistyn was so wrapped up in her own thoughts she hadn’t heard a word her mother had said. “Who do you think got the part of Mary in the Christmas play?” she asked sarcastically. “Holly, of course! She didn’t even want it, but she’s Mary, and I’m the narrator—again!”

Dad looked up. “Isn’t Holly your best friend?” he asked.

Annistyn made a face. “Was my best friend,” she corrected.

As four-year-old Emmy helped Mom decorate cookies a little later, she practiced her part for the Christmas program. “Glory to God in… in the high… highest, and on earth peace, good… good will toward men,” she recited. Then she asked, “Mommy, did Mary get baby clothes for Jesus at the Goodwill store?”

Mom smiled. “No, honey,” she said. “They didn’t have Goodwill stores then.”

“Mom,” said Annistyn, coming back into the kitchen, “when are Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ben coming?”

Mom frowned. “They’re not,” she replied shortly.

“Not coming!” cried Annistyn. “Why not? It won’t feel like Christmas without them!” Mom didn’t reply, and Annistyn looked at her suspiciously. “We haven’t seen them since Grandma’s funeral,” said Annistyn with a frown. “Are you still mad about that picture album?”

“I’d rather not discuss it,” Mom said icily.

“You’re mad at Aunt Lynn,” said little Emmy, “and Annistyn’s mad at Holly. I don’t know who I’m mad at.” She went back to practicing her lines. “On earth peace, good will toward men.”

Mom sighed. “On earth peace, good will toward men,” she repeated softly. “I could use some peace and good will right now.” She went to the telephone. “I’m going to call Aunt Lynn. It’s not too late to invite them to come for Christmas.”

Annistyn smiled. “Really?”

“Really,” said Mom. “And maybe you should do the same with Holly?”

“I… I… well, okay,” said Annistyn. “Maybe she can come over and help decorate these cookies.”

So how about you?

Do you have bad feelings in your heart toward anyone? Is there someone you need to make up with? Jesus came to bring peace and good will on earth. He wants you to have peace in your heart and live in peace with others. If there are hard feelings between you and someone else, do what you can to mend the problem.

Key Verse

1 Thessalonions 5:13 “Be at peace among yourselves.”

Key Thought

Live in peace with others.

Further Reading

Isaiah 32:17-18; Luke 2:8-16

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