Don't forget to water the DOG(wood tree)!

If you have younger siblings you know they’re just learning things and maaaaaayybbbe they don’t quite understand what's going on, and that can be pretty cute actually.

Like when Davey’s mom asked him to water the dogwood tree she just planted. So naturally Davey grabs the hose and starts spraying not the tree, but their actual dog:

Mom: “Davey, will you turn the hose on just a little trickle and set it next to my dogwood tree?”
Next time she looked, the hose was on a little trickle and sitting next to the dog.

Or like when Nick learned about Isaiah the prophet in Sunday school, he told his mom that Isaiah was 2700 years and old and probably still alive:

On what the kids learned in Sunday school…

Nick: “I learned that Isaiah is twenty seven hundred years old.”
Mom: “Oh yeah? When he died?”
Nick: “I think he's still alive.”

Or another time when Davey just wanted to help his mom keep her drinking cup clean:

Davey noticed a stink bug on the rim of my water cup so he picked it off (with his bare hands).
Davey: “There. I got it off……. now you can drink out of your cup…….. well one of his legs is still on there…….. you can drink out of the other side.”

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