Gear Up: Bringing Flowers for Teacher?

Today is the first day of the Gear Up Giveaway!! We're giving away the first Amazon Echo Dot just before Adventures in Odyssey today, so be sure to listen about 10 minutes ahead of time to see if YOU'VE won!

We've also got even more friends who've sent in their back to school pictures for you to enjoy: 

See the star on the right boy's shirt? First day of school and he's already the sheriff of his class!

I love this photo because it really shows off how exciting and fun going back to school can be! Back with your friends again 🙂

Check out those flowers! I bet they brought them for a gift for their teacher. What a nice thing to do, and a good way to start off the school year!

Don't forget, you can still enter your name (with your mom or dad's permission) to win one of six Amazon Echo Dots! Five more to give away after today!

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