Gear Up: Back to School with Kids Like You

I hope you’ve signed up for the Gear Up Giveaway with your mom and dad! It’s your chance to win one of six Amazon Echo Dots. It’s how we want to help you gear up for back to school!

We’re also showing off some more back to school pics of kids just like you who’re excited to go back:

A young boy wearing a tie, ready to go back to school

One of our friends is wearing a tie! I don’t think I was ever that fancy, but maybe you like to dress up more than me laugh

Kids being picked up for school by a bus on a foggy day

Here some other of our friends are getting picked up on a foggy day. I think it’s kinda creepy, but also really cool.

A brother and sister wearing warm clothes, going back to school on a cold day

Where do you think this brother and sister live? They're wearing coats, but isn't it usually still warm outside on back to school day?

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