Ornaments For The Birds

Are you looking for a quick and fun way to make ornaments that you can hang outside? Why not try Birdseed Ornaments?

They are an easy way to both decorate and attract birds to your outdoor spaces. And it doesn’t have to be cold outside for these to work so they are good no matter where you live!

Check out how to make Birdseed ornaments!

One other idea if you do live in the north is to try ice ornaments.

You just need a container to fill with water, fruit like apples or cranberries and then birdseed. You can also add other things like sticks, evergreen leaves or even a pretty ribbon. There are all different kinds of containers that work as small as a cookie cutter or as large as a pie tin.

To freeze you can just put your ornaments outside if it’s cold enough or put them in the freezer. Once you hang them, have fun guessing how long you think it will take for the ornaments to melt!

For more detailed directions click below.  Pro tip – use distilled or twice boiled water for clearer ornaments.

How To Make Ice Ornaments

So give ornaments for birds a try–the birds will thank you!    

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