WEIRDEST Ice Cream Flavors?

We’ve had a couple of really hot days here at the Keys for Kids Radio studio. If you spend hardly any time at all outside and you just get *moist* from sweating! 😩

It makes me grateful for air conditioning, swimming in the lake or anything else to cool off, especially ICE CREAM!!

You usually think about chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, maybe salted caramel pretzel or cookie dough if you’re a real connoisseur, but would you try really weird ice cream flavors?

I'm talking about flavors like activated charcoal; that sounds like it’ll send you on a rocket ship to the moon! Or maybe spicy ginger (careful, it looks like vanilla but tastes much different!) or cheese and toffee ice cream?

Check out today’s video where a group of kids get to test out some of these flavors and maybe you’ll decide you want to try them too!

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