Isaac, The Great-Great-Great-(many more)-Great Grandpa of Jesus!

Going back to Matthew chapter 1, we’re counting down the grandpas and great-grandpas of Jesus. A few weeks ago we looked at the first grandpa, Abraham, and today his son Isaac. 

One of the first things we read about Isaac is the story of how Abraham obeyed God’s command to sacrifice him! Isaac didn't understand what was happening, but he trusted his dad to do what was right.

Abraham was just about to sacrifice him, when at the last second God tells Abraham to stop and provides a ram to sacrifice instead. It’s kinda like how God sent His own son Jesus to save us too. 

Isaac is remembered as one of the most important dads in the Old Testament, because he helped start the whole nation of Israel. In the Bible, God is sometimes described as “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” and Jesus even specifically said that Isaac will be in the kingdom of God. Cool to get a shout-out right from Jesus!

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