What do Star Wars and the Bible have in common?

What’s your favorite story? Maybe it’s Star Wars! I loved the Star Wars movies when I was a kid, and I’m 100% a fan of Episodes 1-3 (I know that’s a hot take).

The original trilogy from the 70’s and the trilogy from the 2000s had pretty good stories, but the last one that’s come out in the last couple years kinda makes no sense at all. I mean, do you really even need episode 8? You can skip it and watch 7 and 9 and it still makes sense.

The Bible isn’t like that though, even though it was written and edited by dozens of people over hundreds of years. It still has a consistent story through all of it. God is the main character and it tells us how He created the world, how Adam and Eve brought sin into it, and how God is redeeming us and the world to make it all perfect again one day.

How else is Star Wars and God’s story different or the same? Watch Matt from Ten Minute Bible Hour:

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