Loose Tooth? No problem

So, you've seen some TV show where the kid has a loose tooth and he comes up with a crazy idea to pull it out. But doing that kind of stuff in real life doesn't really happen, right? Well actually it does!

One day a girl had a loose tooth, and her dad had a brilliant idea to get it out. They went to a big city park and tied a long piece of floss to her tooth. The other end of the floss was tied to a big hunk of granola, “the bait”.

They waited on the bench for just a few minutes, and pretty soon a squirrel jumped up and started sniffing the granola, took of a few bites, and then he snatches the granola and takes off up the closest tree! The floss followed the granola, and the tooth followed the floss. It popped right out, and Dad grabbed the tooth before it disappeared with the squirrel.

The daughter was fine, but I don't think I would recommend this act of dentistry to anyone!

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