God Shows Us Loyal Love – KHESED

I was on a plane ride the other day, coming back home, and I sat next to a lady named Jessica that has had a really hard life.

Growing up her parents didn’t show her any love and they were very bad towards her, and she’s suffered a lot of hurt and pain in her life from her family; she did not feel much love in her life.

We talked for just about the whole two hour plane ride, and so I had the chance to share the Gospel with her. I tried to emphasize how much God loves her and how special she is to Him, and encouraged her to talk to a pastor in the town where she lives.

I hope she does, and because of that conversation, I wanted you to know how much God loves you too. In the Bible God shows “khesed”, or “loyal love” to His people, not because of how awesome we are, but because that love is part of Who God is.

The BibleProject has a great animated video about khesed:

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