Tim Tebow Explains Taking a Knee

Tim Tebow Finally Explains Why He Always Takes A Knee

Posted on Thursday, Jul 12, 2018 by Scott and Kelly from K-LOVE Radio

Many of us, sports fans or not, have grown to love Tim Tebow over the years.  From his days as a college football star and Heisman Trophy winner to the charity work he does around the world, Tim is someone who always put his faith in Christ front and center.

Last night, Tim once again took center stage in his new career as a professional baseball player.  Tim made the Eastern League's All Star game and in his first at bat, he rifled a shot to left field for a double.  Tim has had a great season so far and continues to improve dramatically as a baseball player, something that he hadn't done for twelve years until deciding to give it a go last year. 

During the interviews surrounding last night's game Tim shared that he loves playing baseball as a way of helping others; and then he FINALLY shared the story behind why he always takes a knee, something that became so popular while he was playing in the NFL that it became a trendy celebration called “Tebowing”.  Tim shared with USA Today that he kneeled not to take anything away from anyone else, but simply to keep life in perspective, Tim said, “more important than anything else, is honoring my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” 


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