Man Mobbed by 14 Raccoons Outside His House!

Have you ever gone to a petting zoo and got to feed the animals? I remember putting in a quarter in a goat food vending machine and feeling the goat’s lips lick the food right out of my hand 😲

James Blackwood takes that to a whole new level. He’s a nice grandpa-type guy with a whole YouTube channel dedicated to feeding the raccoons around his house!

They know exactly what to expect, he gets a crowd of sometimes 30 raccoons mobbed outside his back door!

They actually do wait their turns, and they can actually grab things with their paws just like a human hand, which is both cute and kind of terrifying. 

Now I gotta say it’s not good to feed wild animals because then they don’t learn to feed themselves, but this guy’s raccoon crowds are kind of incredible:

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