Christmas Countdown 6 Days Left!


Today more and more communities are struggling with the word “Christmas.” Where mangers once stood and carols were sung, Christ is continuing to be dropped in favor of “holiday” celebrations. This enlightening children's musical reaches directly to the heart of this matter, and from the voices of children comes the ultimate truth — a Christmas without Jesus is like giving a present with no gift inside.

Join us for a Miracle on Main Street, by Celeste Clydesdale, today and don't forget to say “Merry Christmas”!


The story behind The Power of the KING, written and created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn, revolves around radio station K-I-N-G. 

With a major winter storm threatening to shut down the entire state, a bus transporting a children’s choir on their Christmas tour is stranded by the storm at the radio station. The timing of the winter storm couldn’t be worse, as the station’s power goes off just as they are about to broadcast the annual Christmas show.

Find out what happens today on The Power of the King on Keys for Kids Radio's Christmas Countdown! 

Only 6 days to go!


On the hills outside of Bethlehem, a family of inquisitive, energetic shepherds discovers the meaning of being part of the royal dynasty that will one day produce a new king for their people. As they explore what the prophets said would happen in boring Bethlehem, they become part of the story unfolding on the night Jesus was born. They learn that even though you may have to wait to see it happen, God always keeps His promises. 

David's Dynasty by creative team Gina Boe, Sue C. Smith, Barb Dorn and Christopher Davis airs today on Keys for Kids Radio!  Check out one of the songs below!

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