Are you keeping track?  Only 5 days left until Christmas!  laugh  And the Christmas specials continue!


Lindsey and her friends are excited! Why? The local TV station is having a contest for The Biggest, Brightest Christmas Show Ever and they are entered to win! They've planned a great show to impress the secret judge – lots of lights, a rockin' carol medley, and even a Silent Night light show.

However, all goes well until BAM, all the lights go off! It is in the quiet of a small shining star that they are reminded that Jesus is the true Light of Christmas! 

An Unplugged Christmas is brought to you by Susie Williams and Luke Gambill today on Keys for Kids Radio!  

Check out “Biggest, Brightest Christmas” lyric video from An Unplugged Christmas…


Meet the kids from the Loggins' Family–Yule, Todd and Carol who run a Christmas tree farm.  But it's not just any farm, and soon you discover what all the excitement is about surrounding the fabled Christmas Shoe Tree. 

Capture the spirit of giving with The Christmas Shoe Tree airing today. 

Check out the “Can't Stop These Shoes from Walking” Lyric video from The Christmas Shoe Tree


It’s Christmas Eve at the Carter home, and everyone is excited about the Christmas parade. However, the Carter kids begin to lose sight of the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

This musical from Celeste and David T. Clydesdale combines fun songs and engaging drama to teach kids that Christmas is not simply about the gifts underneath the tree, but about the gift of Christ’s life.

Join the adventure as the characters learn about the importance of following Jesus and celebrating His gift of life above everything else.

Don't miss it! Check out the Christmas Program Calendar for times near you.



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