Wi-Fi Family Radio from Moody Radio Discontinued

Your family may have purchased a Grace Digital Radio from His Kids Radio (now known as Keys for Kids Radio) sometime in the past, and you've found that you can no longer listen to Keys for Kids Radio on the wifi device.

If you have a Grace Digital Radio and would like to continue listening to Keys for Kids Radio on it, here are instructions to set it up manually:


Here is a letter explaining what has happened:

Valued Wi-Fi Family Radio partner:

It has come to our attention that Reciva Internet Radio will be discontinuing its support for the Wi-Fi Family Radio as of January 31, 2021.

In addition to being powered by the Reciva chipset, our radios have relied on the Reciva menu gateway to operate with the special presets for Moody Radio, Keys for Kids Radio, and the ministry channels that were pre-programmed into your receiver.

Additionally, channels that you may have stored and managed at radios.reciva.com may no longer work after the discontinuation date.

We trust you’ll continue to follow Moody Radio, Keys for Kids Radio and many other ministries through their individual outlets including their web sites, apps, podcast platforms, and through smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Nest.

We’ve enjoyed offering the Wi-Fi Family Radio and thank you for your faithful listening and support for these ministries over the years. Thank you.

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