Choosing Happy – Crack the Code Giveaway

One last way you can Crack the Code to a great school year is all about your ATTITUDE.

Staying positive and thankful are really important when things get kinda hard. Any job, no matter how yucky, can be fun with the right attitude.

And really, as children of God we have the joy that God gives us….the joy of the Lord. This joy is not about good things happening but about our total trust in God that He is in control. It’s a gift from our heavenly Father.

Do you have a hard time finding your joy? Here are three tips that will help.

  1. Keep reading the Bible and praying. The Bible is living and will speak to you right where you are. It’s amazing how many times my attitude was quickly adjusted as I went to the Lord. He is the best teacher and has a way of putting things into perspective in a hurry.
  2. Keep an attitude of gratitude. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or your situation, think about all the things that you are blessed with. Thankfulness is the opposite of grumpiness so try reminding yourself of the good things God has given you.
  3. Keep looking out for others. Look around you, is there someone who needs a friend?  Or needs help? When you take your eyes off of yourself and serve others you will forget about your troubles and it will improve your attitude – 100%.

With God’s help let’s make lemonade out of any lemons that may come our way. Whether good or bad, you can make this the best school year because Jesus loves you and has the perfect plan for your life. Never forget that.  

Our last song during Crack the Code week is Yancy’s “Choosing Happy.” I’m going to choose happy today instead of grumpy!  And you can too!

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