Meet Simba, Dylan's Favorite Cat

I have a cat named Simba, he’s pretty old, 18 years old, that’s like 88 years old in cat years! 

Dylan holding his cat Simba like a beard

Sometimes I like to pretend Simba is actually my beard. He does not seem happy with that idea though!

He’s still super adorable though, especially when he’s sleeping, he curls up on a chair and sticks his head right against the back of the chair. Totes adorbz. (People still say that, right??)

A cat sleeping on a Bible at night

Simba is literally resting on the Word of God!

Call and tell me about your cat or dog or whatever pet you have! I'd love to hear about them. The phone number is 800-819-5437.

A cat sleeping on the couch in the sun

I really love it when he sticks his little paw out like this!

A cat looking curious sitting in a bathtub

Sometimes he likes to jump into the bathtub and lick the little bit of water around the drain. Sometimes he's just funny like that 😀

I still want to hear about your pet too! Call 800-819-5437 and leave me a message telling me about them!

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