Dylan Gets a PIE in the Face!!

In this article, you'll see:

  • A nervous radio host (me, Dylan)
  • A tasty treat (whipped cream pie)
  • And a messy ending!

What better way to say thank you to our ministry partners like your family, than to make me get splattered with pie??

Dylan's pretty nervous about this whole pie situation

I'm pretty nervous about this whole pie situation

You know what one thing made me the most nervous about getting a pie in the face? I had to make the pie myself! Just thinking how my face would be all smushed in it just gave me the shakes!

Scroll down after the video to see some close up pics!

You know, that wasn't so bad! Tasted pretty good at least 🙂

Since I won the bike race yesterday, I got to wear the super hero cape all day, in honor of the Super Hero Club!

Thanks for being a part of Week of Giving, and you can still partner with us right now to ignite a passion for Christ in kids and their families!

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