Counting on One Hand – 5 Days to Christmas!


Meet Me at the Manger, Celeste Clydesdale's musical, takes us from Herod's Department Store to a Christmas party at the Lighthouse Mission.  

By serving God in the mission, we learn what it means to lay down our wants, and choosing instead to live for Jesus.


When the kids come dressed out for The Christmas SOCCER Team sign-ups, they quickly realize they have fouled out! This “SOCCER” stands for the Society Of Christmas Carolers Emergency Rescue, a team of senior singers who strive to save Christmas carols from extinction.

Join in on the fun today with The Christmas Soccer Team by Kathie Hill and Melody Morris.


All aboard! Every Christmas Eve the passengers on the Christmas Express make the journey to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to celebrate the birth of Christ with a grand pageant. The question is, who will God choose to ride the train on this special night, and what kind of adventure will unfold? Come along as the jolly, joyful train conductor welcomes Mrs. Davis and her students, along with a hard-working waitress named Jenny. The mood is high until Mr. Theodore Higginsworth, III — a businessman who doesn't believe in “fairy tales” – boards the train. Only when the Christmas Express comes to a sudden stop and an unexpected stranger comes on board does Mr. Higginsworth realize that the story of Christmas isn't only a story.

Created by Celeste Clydesdale, arranged by David T. Clydesdale, and script written by Celeste Clydesdale and Susie Williams, The Christmas Express invites you to join in on a joyful journey as God orchestrates a night of miracles to help us all remember the true meaning of Christmas… Jesus!

Don't miss it! Check out the Christmas Program Calendar for times near you.

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