Sunday on Monday Question: Fave Interview?


Who's your fave?


This is the last week of the GEAR UP Giveaway!!! You've heard some great conversations with some of your favorite programs and artists over the past few weeks. Which was your favorite? You can listen to them all right here, and then call me with what you think! Let me know at 800-819-5437, you can tell me who was your favorite person and what was your favorite thing that they said.


Red Rock Mysteries

First we heard from Bryce and Ashley and Red Rock Mysteries:

Slugs & Bugs

Then we had the hilarious Randall Goodgame from Slugs & Bugs. Do you know the “Mexican Rhapsody” song?

Down Gilead Lane

The week after that was Brooke and Haley Morrison from Down Gilead Lane. Guess who's a nurse and who's got a puppy!

Adventures in Odyssey

Who could forget our conversation with Connie Kendall and Adventures in Odyssey? She's always having fun at Whit's End!

Seeds Family Worship

One of my favorite people to talk to was Jason Houser of Seeds Family Worship. What an encourager! He even prayed for us before we got started:


And just last week we got to hear from Yancy, who's got tons of creativity and passion for playing music:

Take a listen to a few of the interviews, or listen to all of them! Tell me what you think and what's your favorite by calling me today at 800-819-5437! – Dylan

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