This Christmas…Your Classified Mission


Sshh! Grab your dark shades and go undercover to join the exciting Christmas mission of We Three Spies, written by Christy Semsen.  Agents E, L and F are recruits with the CIK (Christmas Intelligence Kids), a covert group of spies who secretly bring Christmas cheer to the needy. 

This Christmas, your classified mission – should you choose to accept it – is to join We Three Spies as they blow their cover to proclaim joy to the world! 

We Three Spies video below…


The mission is clear–the time is now! Get set for the most spectacular and celestial adventure of all time as Mary, Joseph, and a few simple shepherds in Bethlehem encounter the wonder of the Fear Not Factor!  The most epic event of all time has been established and all of heaven's angels are gearing up to fulfill what has been planned.

Join us for Fear Not Factor, by Dennis and Nan Allen, today! 


Over 2,000 years ago, a miracle is about to take place in Bethlehem. Meanwhile in heaven, angels in training anxiously await their divine appointments to take part in Christ’s birth.  Special Delivery is created by Celeste Clydesdale and arranged by David T. Clydesdale. 

Join Gabriel, Melody, and the rest of the God Squad as they anxiously await Christ’s birth and celebrate His miraculous arrival, today on Keys for Kids Radio!

Check your local time by going to the Christmas Program Calendar.

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