Countdown to Christmas Specials

Three for the price of one!  Today on Keys for Kids Countdown to Christmas we will have three great specials. 

Check them out!  Only 14 days until Christmas!  

The Christmas Carol Special Report

Many of the carols we enjoy and sing at Christmas have exciting histories from countries around the world. With the scoop on these festive songs of the birth of Christ, and coming to us live from the television studios of KMAS, join news anchors Jim and Natalie and on-location reporters stationed across the globe as we discover these amazing stories together.

Written by the creative team of Luke Gambill, Rhonda Frazier and Brian Green, The Christmas Carol Special Report airs today.

The Veggie Tale Singing Tree

It's a Veggie holiday audition, and the judges are ready. Who will be chosen to sing as the star at the top of the living Christmas tree? This album is a blend of sweet and snappy, heartwarming and hilarious Christmas fun.

Felix Finds Christmas

As an orphan, Felix can’t help but long for a family to call his own — especially during the Christmas season.

Join Felix and his friends at the orphanage as they gear up for a Christmas musical extravaganza and discover that because of the miraculous birth of Jesus, every person has a place to belong in His family. 

Written by Keys for Kids favorite, Jeff Slaughter, Felix Finds Christmas, is a heart-warming story that your whole family will enjoy.  

Check out Keys for Kids Radio's Christmas Program Guide for times near you.


A little VeggieTale Christmas for you…


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