Back to School: Stay Safe Online!

It seems like we are all using technology more and more these days, especially with school. So how do we make sure we are safe online? It gets really complicated in a hurry.  But never fear, there are experts who can help!

Protect Young Eyes is an organization that “helps families, schools, and churches create safer digital environments.”  They are a great resource with everything tech and many step-by-step how-to's to help you navigate the internet.

It’s the Wild West out there and Protect Young Eyes is a great start in taming the wild beast. They have answers for many of your questions from video games to Chromebook and tablet set-ups for kids via age groups. They are a wealth of digital help for you and your family.

And they even have the Protect app with a ton of swipeable lessons for both parents and kids.  You’ll find lessons on things like: YouTube, Disney+, TikTok, Discord, digital mental health, social media tips, digital rules for co-parents, router set-up, Instagram, tricky people, screen time, gaming, iPhone set-up, Chromebook basics, creating digital trust, and more!

Get the app here:

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