Amy Bought Her Bears a New Hammock 😆

Imagine waking up one morning, pouring some cereal for breakfast, you look out the window, and you see THREE BIG BEARS in your backyard!

What would your reaction be? Run out and give them a hug? Maybe call your siblings to come and look?

Amy’s reaction was quite different, she bought the bears in her yard a new hammock.

For a long time different bears have visited her garden, so she’s given them things to play with, like balls and big tubs of water to take a bath in.

And some of her fuzzy guests loved her hammock so much, they broke it, because they’re bears! hey’re huge! The hammock just wasn’t meant for them.

But Amy saw how much they loved it so she bought them a new one, and it’s hilarious to watch them fall off of it! Check out the video:

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