Weird Ways to Get Rid of Christmas Trees

If your family had a real Christmas tree this last year, your parents had to figure out how to get rid of it. A couple of places have creative ways to dispose of Christmas trees:

In San Francisco, some residents pick up trees left on the curb, haul them to the beach, and have a ginormigantic bonfire! One guy watching the fire said the flames can go as much as fifty feet high! That’s like two or three houses stacked on top of each other!

Way up in Nome, Alaska, right on the coast, the people plant the world’s only seasonal national forest 😆 They take their Christmas trees out to the frozen sea ice, drill holes to plop the trees into and plant them. 

“Nome National Forest”, KNOM Radio, Nome, AK

The trees don’t last too long in the ice but it is a fun way for their town to add a little green in the winter!

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