Going to the Amusement Park? Help Sick Kids Too!

How much do you love going to the amusement park? The roller coasters, cotton candy, and arcades are some of the best fun of the whole summer. But what if you could go have fun and help other kids like you who are really sick? 

Give Kids the World is a charity that helps kids with life-threatening illness go on vacation with their family, at no cost. This year a couple of amusement parks are helping them raise money with special Coasting for Kids days. If you can raise at least a hundred dollars to donate to Give Kids the Word, the park will let you in on these special days for free! There are three parks with these special days this year: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Quassy Amusement Park & Waterpark, and Frontier City Theme Park.

The Coasting for Kids days have raised more than half a million dollars over the past six years to support Give Kids the World's mission, which is to provide magical memories for children battling life-threatening illnesses and their families. Going through a lot of hospital stays and doctor's visits can be really scary and hard for kids, so this charity helps by treating them to week long, cost-free vacations, complete with accommodations, donated attraction tickets, meals and more. Sounds like a thumbs up to me! yes

Source: PR Web


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