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Doggy Treadmills – UNDERWATER!

Sometimes I think about my old cat Simba, he was a great cat, loved to be petted, but eventually he got sick and died a few years ago. 

It’s really sad when our pets get sick, and it’s hard to see them hurt that way.

Doctors have come up with a new way to help dogs get back on their feet, literally! Now dogs who have trouble walking can get better with underwater treadmills.

The dog stands in a big bathtub and the floor is a moving treadmill, and they fill up the tub until the water reaches the dog’s belly.

The water helps them float a little bit, making it easier on their hurt legs. The water also provides a little bit of resistance which helps build up the muscles in the dog's legs.

It’s an easier way for dogs with walking problems heal up, and you can watch how it works here:

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