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New Advent Podcast from Keys for Kids Radio!

Join Zach from Keys for Kids for the Countdown to Christmas podcast! This Christian kids podcast is tailor-made for kids 6-12. Have a parent or a trusted grownup subscribe to it for free through the button:

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Listen to the the first episode with Zach:

As we mark off the days until Christmas, Zach reads a story every day in December to help you grow in your faith through the Advent season. These stories help families stay connected to the true significance of Christmas – the birth of Jesus.

But there's more! After each story, Zach invites kids like you to join in and share their thoughts. It's a fantastic opportunity to hear from kids your own age, exploring the reasons why Jesus came to earth.

Your family can join the discussion when you download the Countdown to Christmas Advent cards:

Download Advent Cards

Each day’s card has the same discussion questions from that day’s episode, plus the Key Verse to memorize and reflect on. Take time to listen to each episode and talk about it with your family.

Let's celebrate Advent together. Join Zach on the Countdown to Christmas!

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