Worship Team at Church? There's an App for That

You know how there’s an app for basically everything you want to do? Now there’s an app for joining the worship team at church! According to Baptist Press News, a professor of church music researched ways that churches could use iPad apps to add more instruments to the music. 

Darryl shows off his fancy app

Darryl Ferrington experimented with guitar apps, drum apps, piano apps, and a bunch more to see which are the best to use for worship time at church. He brought his iPad and a bass guitar app to his own church, and he really helped his friends there sing better with the little bit better music.

This idea isn't meant to replace actual instruments. After all, if you have a good guitar player, why would you want to use an iPad? But if you're in a small church and there isn't enough people who play instruments, these apps can be a great way to fill in a few spots on the music team.

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