Read! Read! Read!

Everyone agrees that one of the best things you can do is to keep reading! Read to yourself, read to your brother or sister, have your parents or grandparents read to you. The possibilities are endless. The bottom line is the more you read, the more you learn.  

One easy trick to incorporate more reading into your day is to read your writing or journals out loud to someone. This helps you to see your mistakes and will make you a better writer when you actually hear what you’ve written. And it is just one more way to practice reading!    

If you are running out of things to read make sure you check out the online options at your local library.  You’ll be surprised at how many ebooks you can check out for free! Some other ideas are, Kindle Unlimited, Project Gutenberg or Open Library.  

Or what about starting a book share club with your friends? This is a great way to swap and read books that are different by sharing what you have with each other.  

And of course, you can read Keys for Kids with Zach every day! Follow that link for today's story, or you can ask your parents to search for “Keys for Kids” on your Apple, Android, or Kindle device.

So, what have you been reading lately?

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