Pumpkin Seed Fun – Harvest Week!

In honor of God's changing seasons, we are celebrating Harvest Week with fall-themed stories and crafts for you this week!

We’ve been talking about reaping what you sow during Harvest Week on Keys for Kids Radio. But how does that work? Especially when it’s too cold and we can’t even plant seeds! 

A seed in your life is anything that you give time to, good or bad. I read a quote the other day that says “Whatever you feed your brain, this is what it learns to love.” What are you spending your time on these days? Are you planting good or bad seeds?  

And speaking of seeds, pumpkin seeds are the best! Lots of great ideas below will get you started on some great pumpkin seed activities.  


Once you have colored your pumpkin seeds you can make all kinds of things. Glue them on paper to create flowers, turkeys or even pumpkins. If you want some pumpkin seed jewelry, have a grownup help you drill a hole in the seeds and string them together. We’d love to see your creations! 


Roasting pumpkin seeds is always fun and yummy. The video below shows you how. Once you have your seeds crispy, you can get creative in your flavors. You can try salt and pepper, garlic and parmesan, cinnamon and sugar or maybe ginger and soy. Have fun experimenting.


Try drying out your pumpkin seeds and saving them to plant next year. Talk about reaping and sowing!  You’ll have a long time to wait, but oh-how-satisfying to plant next spring.

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