Question: How about the Ark?

Question about the Bible

I've always wondered about the Ark, growing up and hearing stories about it in Sunday School. It's hard to imagine just how big it really is, but there's this cool museum in Kentucky that actually built a life-sized version of it (in that picture to the left). It's so huge, more than a football field long and more than two houses on top of each other! 

Maybe you've asked questions about it too, like how did it get built? The Bible tells us how big it is and what it's made of (here in Genesis 6) but not really how Noah did the work itself. He was married and he had a few sons, and they probably helped a lot, but with maybe half a dozen people working on it, it still took around 50 to 75 years to build the whole big thing!

What are some other questions you've had about the Bible? Let me know, I'll help you with an answer, and you could even get your question heard on Keys for Kids Radio /// Dylan

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