Organization Ideas for Digital School

Organization is always a challenge for the busy family. But with many doing some sort of online learning this year it might look a little bit different. So how do we keep track of it all?  

Here are some ideas!

1. MAKE A SCHEDULE. Everyone, especially kids, thrive when they have a routine. Get creative with it and don’t be afraid to make it your own. Maybe you like a slow morning and then do more school work in the afternoon, or the opposite may work best for you. Think about your family patterns and schedules and make it work for you.

2. WRITE IT DOWN. Get a LARGE calendar system that everyone can see to keep your family on the same page. Color coordinating helps those that are younger. A clock pie chart with color codes might be a way you can keep track of multiple kids activities all at once. Make it an art project and everyone can pitch in to customize. Remember, you don’t have to do 6 hours of school a day!

3. BREAKS. Don’t forget to schedule breaks often throughout the day. Maybe put in a no screen time slot each day, a reading time, play time….put your heads together and think of some fun ways that you can spend your breaks.

4. CHECKLISTS. Checklists not only show you if you are on track but are a good way to keep motivated. Make it fun! I always love me some stickers!

5. PORTABLE STORAGE. This is especially important if you have a family with lots of students. Give everyone a milk crate or tote of some kind that all their school stuff fits into. This gives you flexibility for study locations and also helps keep everyone’s stuff separate. When the day is done put it all back in your tote and you never have to look for that math book! In theory.   


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