Can't Make Tech Work? Help is on the Way

I know it’s only July, but think about Christmas for a second (a really fun thought, right?). Did anyone in your family get a new tech toy, like an iPad or Kindle Fire, and they just did not know what to do with it? According to a survey by tech company Asurion, 64% of people had that exact problem. 

Helping your family figure out how to use new stuff can take a lot of time, and 41% of people in the survey said they'd rather buy a non-tech present for a family member rather than helping them set it up. Most of the younger people even said they'd pay money to avoid answering any tech questions ever again!

According to News USA that's why Asurion started: just to help people figure out their Christmas presents – at least, their electronic presents.. Asurion’s tech experts can help anyone with almost any new device. Maybe you'll get the gift of help this year!


Source: News USA

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