Advent Cards Day 28: The Hidden Gift

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Christmas was over, and Henry and Nevaeh helped their parents remove the ornaments, lights, and strands of garland from the Christmas  tree branches. Soon the shimmering and festive tree looked bare except for the colorful tree skirt surrounding the tree stand.

“Hey,” Henry called out. “Look at that!” He pointed to a small box wrapped in green and red paper peeking out from under a fold in the tree skirt.

“Where did that come from?” Mom asked as she bent down to pick up the box. “We must have missed this when we opened our gifts.” She held the box in her hands and looked for a name. “It’s for me! From Aunt Martha,” she said in surprise. “I didn’t think she had sent anything this year, and here it was under the tree the whole time.”

Mom opened the gift and found a necklace and matching earrings. “They’re so pretty!” Nevaeh said as Mom held them up for everybody to see.

“Just think—Aunt Martha’s gift was here all this time, but Mom couldn’t receive it because she didn’t know it was there,” Dad said. “It reminds me of another gift—God’s gift of salvation. It’s available to everyone, but many people don’t even know it’s there. It stays hidden until someone shows it to them—like you showed the package to us, Henry.”

Nevaeh and Henry thought about that. “So we need to show people God’s gift by telling them about Jesus,” Nevaeh said.

“And tell them that if they accept it, Jesus will save them from sin and give them eternal life,” added Henry.

“That’s right,” said Dad. “It’s an amazing gift! But they can’t accept it if they don’t know it’s there. That’s why we need to share it with others.” Dad motioned to the boxes of decorations. “Let’s see if we can all come up with a person we can tell about God’s amazing gift by the time we finish putting
this stuff away.”

So how about you?

Have you received the gift of salvation? (See “Have You Heard the Good News?”) It’s wonderful to know you have eternal life through Jesus. But many people don’t know this amazing gift exists. Think of someone you know who may not know about Jesus and the eternal life He offers—then tell them about it! God may use you to help someone receive Jesus, the best gift of all.

Key Verse

Romans 5:18 NKJV “Through one man's righteous act the free gift came to all men.”

Key Thought

Tell others about God's gift.

Further Reading

Romans 5:8-15

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