5 EASY DIY Harvest Week Decorations!

In honor of God's changing seasons, we are celebrating Harvest Week with fall-themed stories and crafts for you this week!

You know I'm a sucker for a good craft or building project. If I need something simple like an end table, I'd rather spend a Saturday building one than going to the store to buy one. In fact, I just finished building a bench for our front hallway with my wife Nicole!

That's why I had to share this DIY tutorial to make your own fall decorations. Everything she shows in the video is super easy and almost everything comes from Dollar Tree or Dollar General, or is just a dollar from Walmart anyway.

Make your own pillows for the couch or your bed, wooden leaf and pumpkin garlands to hang around the house, and fake plants to put…pretty much anywhere!

If you like to make your own stuff like me, then check it out!

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