Would You Rather: Pirate Ship or Private Jet?

Welcome back to “Would You Rather” Wednesday, where you pick what you want to do and why you want to do it!

Today’s question: Would you rather own an old-timey pirate ship and crew or a private jet with a pilot and infinite fuel?

With the pirate ship, you'd be able to stop at all kinds of ports around the world and have pirate buddies, but with a private jet you wouldn't be limited to just places on the ocean.

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Thanks to everyone who voted! I loved your answers why you picked your choice! Here are a few of the reasons people picked what they did:

“I picked pirate ship because…”

“Because you get a lot of space and you can bring pets in the ship.” (I can't go anywhere without my cats!)

“Because I like pirates, and well I can still fly through commercial airplanes.” (great point!)

“Because Pirate ships are beautiful when sailing across the big blue sea!” (Agreed!)

“Just imagine, the cool salty air blowing through your hair as you stand on the main deck of a gigantic pirate ship… The creaking of the wooden hull dancing on the crashing waves, and a splash of salty sea spray mists your face… it’s a dream come true! Ships are beautiful and CAN go a lot of places, especially because it doesn’t need a huge landing pad to go somewhere. And even though some people get sea sick on boats, planes give really bad pressure to your ears which can make anybody feel sick.” (Whoa! What a great descriptive answer!!)

“I chose a private jet because…”

“I like flying and can sell the extra fuel. And I can finally go visit family, and I won't get in trouble with the Coast Guard.” (Great point about not getting in trouble!)

“Because a private jet has an air conditioner and yummy food and a TV.” (All very important necessities for travel!)

“Fly places and tell people about God.” (Great reason for having a plane!)

“I have always wanted to fly and I wouldn't have to worry about fuel. I could take my family places and I could visit more people. And I wouldn't have to worry about the Coast Guard since pirates aren't welcome on the seas or on land for that matter.. And it would be hard to explain why and how I got a real pirate ship. And I would have to explain about the crew and ya, it could get a little complex. And getting a permit for the cannons and all that… So flying it is.” (A very practical answer, I can certainly appreciate that!)

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